fair cities

fair cities

Our cities are not fair. Growing disparities, historic distrust in development and the climate crisis are just a few of the roadblocks standing in the way of positive change. What can we do, as an industry, to begin to fix this?

Connectivity, resources and capacity for cross-sector collaboration is at an all-time high. Now is the time for the built environment community to rethink how we approach the issue of fairness in its many forms in our cities, and how we can improve the quality of people’s lives through improving the built environment.

We aim to create a space where conversations about conceiving, delivering, operating and managing fair cities can take place. Where we can have an honest dialogue between communities, developers, action groups, investors, local authorities and architects. Through inclusive discussion, working groups and knowledge sharing, we can plug the gaps in knowledge and policy to overcome the hurdles that obstruct positive change in our cities.


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PLP Labs is a research and innovation think tank at the intersection of people, space and technology that addresses the challenges of the contemporary city.

Connected Places Catapult (CPC) is a non-profit focusing on growing businesses with innovations in mobility services and the built environment that enable new levels of physical, digital and social connectedness.

Gehl is a global urban research and design consultancy, addressing urban planning with a people-focused approach.


Do you want to help build fair cities? Get in touch to see how you can take part in our workshops, share your knowledge or become a key player in shaping a fairer future.

fair cities